1. How do I collect Rewards Points for every purchase transaction made on my HSBC credit card?
  2. How are Rewards Points Members informed of this new expiry policy and their account status?
  3. How many Rewards Points will I need to have to book a flight?
  4. How would members know the amount of Rewards Points that are set to expire?
  5. How can I get the best quote?
  6. Will I earn Rewards Points for all my HSBC credit card transactions?
  7. Can Supplementary Cardholders earn Rewards Points?
  8. Can I redeem/book tickets for additional passengers at a later date?
  9. What happens if a member's Rewards Points expire?
  10. Can I hold flight tickets and call back later to book?
  11. How do I keep track of the Rewards Points I have collected?
  12. When is the latest I can book my flight?
  13. Are there any exceptions to Rewards Points’ expiry policy?
  14. How will Rewards Points be reflected in my HSBC credit card statement?
  15. Are HSBC Premier Members exempted from this change in policy? If not, do they get any preferential treatment in this regard?
  16. How can members ensure that their Rewards Points do not expire?
  17. How can I redeem my Rewards Points?
  18. When can I redeem my Rewards Points?
  19. How will I receive and use my reward voucher?
  20. Will the Rewards Points expire every year now?
  21. Will all of my Rewards Points expire? What’s the normal validity of Rewards Points?
  22. What’s the calculation and on what basis is the total number of Rewards Points to be expired decided?
  23. Can I not use my expired Rewards Points towards other loyalty programmes in the market if you wouldn’t allow me to redeem?
  24. What does the Rewards Points quote include?
  25. Who can redeem Rewards Points?
  26. Do Rewards Points have expiry date period?
  27. How do I book a flight using my Rewards Points?
  28. Can I transfer my Rewards Points to someone else?
  29. Can I exchange my Rewards Points for cash?
  30. Do all cardholders from HSBC qualify for this Rewards Programme?
  31. What is the Rewards Points expiry policy?
  32. Why does My Rewards Points have an expiry policy?
  33. Are there any situations wherein members are granted a possible reinstatement of the expired Rewards Points?
  34. What are the age bands for passenger types:
  35. Can I redeem for a child ticket?
  36. Can I redeem for an infant ticket?
  37. How far in advance can I book my flight?
  38. Can I pay for my flight fully in Rewards Points?
  39. Can I pay for my flight using a combination of Rewards Points and money?
  40. Can I pay taxes with Rewards Points?
  41. Can I make changes to my flight booking?
  42. What is the cost to make changes to my flight booking?
  43. Can I get a refund if I cancel my flight booking?
  44. How do I cancel my flight booking?
  45. What happens if I need to cancel my flight within 72 hours of departure?
  46. What happens if I miss my flight?
  47. Can I pay for a ticket using Rewards Points and pay full cash for the second one?
  48. Can I choose my seats and meals with you?
  49. Can I book Business Class or First Class seats?
  50. Can I book tickets that originate outside of Jordan?
  51. Can I earn frequent flyer miles with my Rewards Points Reward?
  52. Can I book one way or multi-stop flights?
  53. Can I book open ended tickets?
  54. Can I travel from a destination other than Jordan?
  55. Can I book a flight on behalf of someone else using my Rewards Points?
  56. How will I receive my ticket and when?
  57. I haven’t received my e-ticket?
  58. How will I find out about flight changes?
  59. Are there any time restrictions for using my Rewards Points towards a flight?
  60. Can I book an open jaw ticket (i.e. return from or to a different airport)?